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So I can keep track of my shows' premieres, because I just couldn't keep them all in my head very easily since I've got too much other stuff in there at the moment. If this helps any of you figure out premiere dates as well, then awesome :)

(Also, I feel like I'm missing a show, but I don't remember what one lol.)

Lie to Me - not until Wednesday, November 10th, 8:00pm

Tuesday, Sept 21st
8:00pm - NCIS
8:00pm - Glee
9:00pm - NCIS: LA

Thursday, Sept 23rd
8:00pm - Bones
10:00pm - The Mentalist


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Glee tonight!!! AND Adam is a mentor on Idol!

I am super excited. I don't know that FOX could've planned this any better (for me, or them - Adam being on Idol will probably draw more viewers, both to Glee and Idol, plus Glee fans might just tune in early to catch Adam since it's right before Glee. Good pairing of shows, imo). 


So who's excited?

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Dear Fox/American Idol,

When you are trying to raise money for a charity, like the work you're doing with Idol Gives Back for Haiti this year, it would be helpful if you actually did what you said you're going to do. Telling me that I can go buy Kris Allen's version of Let It Be on iTunes to help support Haiti relief only works if you actually put it on iTunes. *gasp* What a concept.

So please, restore what little faith I have in you and fix this soon so that when you said it would be available to buy on the 26th (aka today), you weren't actually lying. Also, it kinda sucks that you're this unorganized when it's FOR CHARITY. Come on.

With exasperation,


P.S. If this ends up just being my iTunes being a fail, then I apologize and you do not suck. But until then, I say get it together, plz.

ETA: Thank you for finally fixing it. Since I only knew that it was up because I saw Kris's tweet, I am going to attribute it finally getting up to hiim ;)
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Fox, you are driving me crazy!!!

While I will admit I am super excited about 2 Bones tonight, they do have to make up for missing one last week. And then I look at the schedule and there's NO BONES NEXT WEEK. In its place is a 3RD day in a row of AMERICAN IDOL. And its just auditions, where they show mostly the crazy horrible singers from each city. :(
Here's hoping it changes *fingers crossed*

Dear Fox,

Why oh why do you keep shuffling Bones' schedule around? Are you just incapable of keeping a regular schedule from week to week? Please stop taking Bones away from us when we are just getting it back from the very long winter hiatus. Thanks.


On a happier note, who's excited for BONES tonight?!?!?! *raises hand*
COME SQUEE WITH ME!!! (in all caps, apparently)


ETA: You all are totally killing my well-intentioned attempts at studying, btw. LJ > studying  :)

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