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Ugh. I'm going to make this post short, as I've lately always got things to do with any free time I have, thereby undoing the purpose of the 'free' in free time. School is definitely trying to bury me. Stress is trying to drown me. Etc, etc, etc.

I've come up for air for a tiny bit but I'm not seeing it getting any better until my winter break starts (about 2 weeks from now). So please forgive anything I've missed in the past couple weeks - I'm trying to catch up, but if there's anything important that's happened, let me know!

I've missed you guys, hope you're all doing well lately! 

P.S. Thank you so much for all of the support I've gotten from you all lately. It means a lot to me ♥
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I cannot believe it! This weekend has felt like summer to me so far, it's crazy! It's been high 80s, low 90s here today-I looked at my family's thermometer thing at one point and it said it was 94.6 degrees outside!!! It was fairly warm yesterday too, and it's supposed to continue at least through tomorrow.


As much as I like the sun being out and it being so nice, my family has all the fans on in our house-we dont do too well with the heat ; )

Unfortunately this will probably increase my junior-itis (like senoiritis where you start getting really lazy and don't want to do anything cause you're SO close to the end of your high school career, but for juniors haha) and will make me feel like it should be summer even more. Ugh. Oh well.

Hope we didn't take all the sun from you guys and that you're enjoying a lovely May day!

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