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Yes, today is yet again Thursday, and  [profile] bertie456 and I are here to bring you a recommendation of something we've thoroughly enjoyed this week. It can be a book, story, fanfic, movie, tv show, quote, song, particular candle scent, whatever you want!

My rec's below the cut :) 

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Okay, so I know this is late...sorry. I was watching Titanic on Thursday for the first time and as I'm sure most of you know, it's pretty long (a bit over three hours!).  And yesterday I kinda ended up doing odds and ends stuff, like going to half-price books and getting some new awesome stuff to read :)

So, it is another Thursday (well, its not, but pretend it is!) and

[profile] bertie456and I are here yet again to give you the joy that is Recommenday. we thought that Thursdays specifically needed some brightening up, and so each week we'll each be sharing something that we particularly enjoyed with you all. It could be a song, a fanfic, a quote, a TV show, a movie, a book, anything!

My contribution for this week is under the cut if you're interested!


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Thursday has come yet again, and [profile] bertie456 and I decided that we should do something special to brighten up this particular day of the week : )

If you've already read her post, I apologize for repeating the explanation. So, here goes!

Recommenday is basically exactly what it sounds like. A day (thursdays) where you can recommend something that's caught your eye this week. It can be whatever you want; a TV show, a movie, a book, a fanfic, a song, a poem, a quote, whatever! : )

My rec for the week is under the cut, so feel free to join in and give suggestions! :D

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