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I just realized that while LJ support team has fixed my problem of "unknown security error" popping up and then none of the nofitications I specifically created showing up on my notifications page, they restored the notifications I specifically created without any of the notification ways actually being set to notify me. Which is probably why I haven't gotten anything except userpic uploads in my LJ inbox for the past two or three days. 

So if you've posted something recently, let me know please? I tried to see what was going on via my friends page, but that's a bit hard for me to navigate sometimes.

Hope you all are doing well ♥

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I just changed my journal's layout without copying the code that you use to put a header on your journal. Oops.

Can anyone help me out with the code, please?

I seriously just need to save it in a word doc somewhere or something lol.

ETA: Got it now! Thanks TT!  ♥
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I finally got my layout to change colors for me - for a while there it would just do nothing on my page even though the colors in the customizing section changed, so I'm glad it's finally working again! I thought about using a completely different layout, but the couple of ones that I found that I liked didn't want to let me have a header on my page and I really want to keep a header, so. I might have to look more at them later.  

I'm still deciding whether I like this color combination or not, but feel free to let me know if it's making your eyes bleed *g*
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ICK. Stupid stupid annoying LJ cuts haven't been working for me lately, as I just discovered tonight. Had to spend some considerable time trying to read through the mess that is HTML for my longer "take a look" post and try to find out where the freaking thing cut itself off. It's all fixed now, but I'm quite pissed off and will now be doing all future cuts myself by inserting the HTML manually. *scream of frustration*


Nov. 26th, 2008 12:46 pm
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Just wanted to send a quick note out to you all:

My email alerts haven't been working lately (ex: just got a notification today for something [ profile] bertie456 posted 4 days ago), even though if I sign into LJ it clearly has the posts in my inbox. I don't know why it's doing this (is anyone else having problems?), but I just wanted to let you all know so that if I don't comment on something quickly, I'll see it eventually ;)

Hope you're all doing well, and a early happy thanksgiving to all who are celebrating tomorrow! :D 

LJ Cuts

Sep. 1st, 2008 03:29 pm
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Is anyone else having trouble with LJ cuts lately? Because today I'm trying to go around and clean up my journal, and I try to redo some of the tags on old entries as well as put some links in for the next chapters for some of my fanfiction, and after I edit & save it it will not keep the story in the cut when I go check it on my journal. For some crazy reason, it just will not keep the cut there. I've tried re-cutting it by cutting the text out, putting a new cut and pasting the words into it, BUT NO. It REFUSES to cooperate.

And for some reason, it's only if I try to put a new link in. It doesn't seem to care about me adding/changing the tags, just if I try to add a link. UGH.

Anyone else having trouble, or does LJ just hate me today?

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I am extremely annoyed.

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