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Title: Home
Author: [ profile] ggjunkie33
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~2,500 words
Disclaimer: I do not own either of these men. This is not real. No harm or disrespect meant.
Warnings: Fluff. Lots, and lots of fluff.
Summary: Kris is finally home. [Reunion after a long time apart; established relationship. From the [ profile] schmoop_bingo  prompt: Reunion and from the [ profile] kradingo prompt: Future: Reunion]
A/N Thanks to [ profile] bright_lights28 for the cheerleading/read-through – love you bb! And thank you to the lovely [ profile] anobakitay for the beta! She is fabulous and makes me make more sense; all mistakes left are my own.

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I am struggling a bit with inspiration lately, so if you want to give me suggestions of what I could do with some of these prompts that would be cool! I have some seriously awesome prompts, but am having trouble deciding what to do with them. (LOL that is so me; indecisive, indecisive.)

(Also, this way [ profile] claire_kay doesn't have to go searching through my whole journal for them *g*) 

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I have ideas for some of these, but they are mostly vauge, half-formed ideas, so. Feel free to spam me with what you'd like to see!

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Um, so.

You know the telepathy fic I babbled on about a little while ago? It is now like 3,000 words.

If I actually finish this whole story I have a feeling it's going to be long lol.

Anyways, back to your regularly scheduled program. Hope you all are having a wonderful day :)

Umm. So.

Jul. 10th, 2010 12:26 am
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I have so far randomly written ~700+ words of crack!fic wherein Kris suddenly gains the power of telepathy, and of course mayhem will ensue. I don't know exactly what the mayhem is yet, other than the obvious (kradam rules my muse right now, after all), but. I don't even know, I was reading comments in an old [personal profile] jerakeen post where she asked for ficlet prompts, and I saw telepathy and my brain went !!! and it decided to start writing this. So.

Will it ever get posted (or finished)?

Who knows. But anyways, it exists. (And is still growing. 750+ words now, people.)

Carry on :D

(I wonder if this would fit any of my bingo prompts...)

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LOL omg I love reading Jim Cantiello's and Michael Slezak's (from MTV and EW, respectively) reviews on Idol episodes more than the actual episodes this year. I was just reading Jim's live-blog of the finale tonight (which I did not read, because, hello west coast being shown Idol later than east coast even though Idol is filmed on the west coast), and came across some funny funny stuff :)

A few fun points (out of many) from Jim's live-blogging:

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Epic crack!fic. READ IT, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

Fairy Tale
Author: [ profile] phaballa
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Rating: Adult
Warnings from the author: THIS IS CRACKFIC. Like, if you ever doubted what constitutes crackfic, THIS IS IT. Also, MRPEG. But this isn't your grandpa's MPREG. This is a very ~special kind of MPREG that must be read to never be believed. It is honestly the weirdest, most insane, and possibly most hilarious thing I have ever written, and YES, that is saying something after The One Where They Are Animals In A Zoo.

Cut for excerpt

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Part 1 | Part 2

It's awesome, and hilarious, and epic, and talks about fairies and ogres and elves.

And yes, it is almost 2AM here, so I am rambly, but ignore me. Just go read.

Also, for those of you who could really care less about my babbling about Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, and/or Kradam, I will put up a post in the next couple of days for a Adam/Kradam filter thing so you won't have to see all my crazy ramblings if you don't want to.

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...aka Reason 3.

Okay, we are trying this again, because I had an awesome epic post halfway done for you last night and firefox/LJ ate it. BOO. :(

3. I have been sucked into a new fandom! It's epic love, people, seriously. And I have been gobbling up any fanfic I can find for it, so I've been doing mucho reading lately, so that's mainly where I've been. Let's see where my love for this fandom all started, shall we?

Oh, and a warning: If you RPF/RPS squicks you out, you may want to consider not clicking that link. Unless you want to just read the first half of my post about Adam Lambert and skip the rest...


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