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Title: What I Know Is True
Rating: K
Word count: 170
Characters/Pairing: Booth/Brennan
Setting: During 3.13 Verdict in the Story, reference to 1.18 Man in the Morgue
Summary: There is one thing Booth knows with certainty that day.
A/N: This is just something I wrote a few weeks ago, and I thought I'd finally tweak it and post it for you all to read! Hope you like it, let me know what you think!


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Chapter 7
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This will be where I archive all my fanfiction, and provide links for everything. I hope to be able to keep this up-to-date as much as I can. Hope you enjoy!

Law and Order table )

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Title: Ghosts
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairing: Booth, Angela
Written for: [ profile] tempertemper77
Prompt: Booth & Angela post Pain in the Heart 
Spoilers/Timeline: Spoilers all the way up through Pain, obviously ;)
Summary: Even when he's gone, he's still there.

He was here, a month ago... )Chapter 6, Chapter 8

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Chapter 6

Written for [ profile] bertie456from this drabble meme.

Title: Handcuffs
Rating: T or PG-13
Word Count: 100
Prompt: #3 'Handcuffs' from the Law and Order table, along with bertie's request for it to be involving Booth and nudity. ;)
Spoilers/Timeline: Slight spoilers for Death in the Saddle. Set in the future, established B/B relationship.
Summary:  Handcuffs + Brennan + Booth = ?

Handcuffs..... )Chapter 5, Chapter 7
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Chapter 5
: Ice Cream 
Rating: K
Word Count: 100 (drabble)
Prompt: The sun that finally came out to play over here :)
Timeline/Spoilers: None

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream )
Chapter 4, Chapter 6
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Title: Hindsight
Rating: K
Word Count: Drabble (100)
Timeline/Spoilers: Takes place a short time after Pain in the Heart

If only.... )Chapter 3, Chapter 5
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Title: Gains, Losses, and Struggles
Rating: K
Word Count: 200
Timeline/Spoilers: Up through Pain in the Heart

 Brennan deals with the strange mix of gains and losses from the past couple weeks.

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Chapter 2Chapter 4
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Chapter 2

Title: Possession
Prompt: #8 Possession      (Law and Order table from drabble123)
Rating: K
Word Count: 128
Timeline/Spoilers: None
Summary: There’s only one person she’d ever let get away with the implication of owning her.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 3

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I've recently decided to write a story of oneshots, probably showing only moments in Booth & Brennan's life, although I may venture into other characters once I've gotten a few chapters done. I'm hoping this will help jumpstart my muse into writing longer chapter stories. 
Here's the first one! Enjoy!

Each chapter will have a note as to the rating, timeline setting and any spoilers for that chapter.

Chapter One Title: Guilty
Rating: K+
Words: 300
Timeline/Spoilers: Up through episode 2.14 The Man in the Mansion. This chapter set during that episode.
Summary: Booth was guilty...but of what?

Note: This chapter was inspired by the promtpt '#1 Guilty' from the
Law and Order table from the drabble123 community. Also posted on my profile.

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