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Post Lambert, Ergo Propter Lambert by [ profile] roga | 3,300 words | "You know we can't do anything about it," Josh said. "The White House does not call up Good Morning America and tell them who to put on their show."

READ IT because the character voices are down perfectly and the banter & dialogue is awesome and Bartlett has an awesome speech thing, and just-*flails over awesomeness*

Another excerpt to get you excited about this wonderful fic:

"I still think we should do something about it," Donna said. "It's discriminatory and vile. We should march to Washington. Oh wait."

"You know we can't do anything about it," Josh said. "The White House does not call up Good Morning America and tell them who to put on their show."

P.S. If you're not really into Adam, don't worry, it's pretty much TWW characters talking about Adam, so it's more focused on their banter which [ profile] roga writes so absolutely spot-on that I can practically see it all play out in my head.
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Epic crack!fic. READ IT, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

Fairy Tale
Author: [ profile] phaballa
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Rating: Adult
Warnings from the author: THIS IS CRACKFIC. Like, if you ever doubted what constitutes crackfic, THIS IS IT. Also, MRPEG. But this isn't your grandpa's MPREG. This is a very ~special kind of MPREG that must be read to never be believed. It is honestly the weirdest, most insane, and possibly most hilarious thing I have ever written, and YES, that is saying something after The One Where They Are Animals In A Zoo.

Cut for excerpt

Read more... )

Part 1 | Part 2

It's awesome, and hilarious, and epic, and talks about fairies and ogres and elves.

And yes, it is almost 2AM here, so I am rambly, but ignore me. Just go read.

Also, for those of you who could really care less about my babbling about Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, and/or Kradam, I will put up a post in the next couple of days for a Adam/Kradam filter thing so you won't have to see all my crazy ramblings if you don't want to.

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So, being reminded by [ profile] tempertemper77 's recent lovely fic rec, I remembered that I had a fanfic to rec to you guys as well! It's quite angsty at parts, so make sure you're ready before you read it. It's a really lovely piece though! 

It's called Knowing, by itch over on Here's the summary: She wants him to remember, needs him to remember. It's been five months and all he knows is that he loved her and still loves her. All they need is a catalyst. One-shot with definite B&B.

Happy reading!
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I started this list to try to keep track of all of my favorites, keep them organized in one place, and to share with anyone who's looking for a good read. Many of these come from stories I've found on, but many have also come from wonderful writers I've found here on LJ.

I'll keep updating it whenever I have new fabulous stories to add, although it may take me a while to update it as I have found that sometimes I forget about my list ;)

**Please let me know if any of the links are incorrect or don't work. Thanks and enjoy!**


Because fanfic is addicting.... )Okay, so I'm going to try to keep this at least semi-organized as it grows bigger and bigger. And since it is getting so big, I'm leaving out any actual summaries of the stories. I will, however, put the author next to it. Sorry for the loss of the summaries, but I want to try to keep this a bit more organized than it has been :)
By the way-these stories are all from the TV series Bones unless specified otherwise.


These are some authors who are generally fabulous and really pretty much any of their stuff is a great read. I will still include some of my favorites of their stories in the lists of stories below, but this author list is if anyone is searching specifically for a good author who has several stories out already.

[ profile] tempertemper77 or at as TemperTemper

[ profile] lerdo or on as Lerdo

[ profile] bertie456 or on as bertie456

labsquint  or here on LJ: [ profile] labsquint

ForAReason  from also here as [ profile] forareason83

[ profile] _missmargaret_



53 - niah1988

The Acid Test - labsquint

All That Lies Between Us - lerdo

And Leaves the World to Darkness and Me - labsquint

Anesthetic - ForAReason

As Empty As The Inside Of Me - _missmargaret_

Before and After - Lerdo
Belief - [ profile] cardiogod 

Blink - Cora Clavia

Blue Fish - TemperTemper

Capitulation - bredalot

A Change in Routine - BBAddict

Dirty Little Secret - DaLiza

Discovery - mia101

Dying a Little Bit - notesofwhimsy

The Education of Temperance Brennan - gator-md

How My Heart Behaves - mia101

I Hate You, I Love You - HollywoodDramaQueen

If I Should Fall - Liria247

It Started With a Kiss - _missmargaret_

Just a Matter of Physics - Vadergirl52

The Kiss that Missed - ForAReason

Knowing - itch

Lines (Make Me Want to Cross Them) - nekare

A Night's Tale- space77

No Need To Say Goodbye - _missmargaret_

Out of Habit - TemperTemper

A Roll of the Dice - MustangAlley

Saving My Face - TemperTemper

Sensate Focus - 5SteamboatsShipingCo (which consists of SSJL and mia101)

Snowed In -  HollywoodDramaQueen *Great Christmas story to read, even when it isn't the right season for snow.

Strolling Through the Storm - BBAddict

Torn - o0MissBennet0o

Unwell - Lerdo

Walk on the Wild Side - bertie456

When You're Gone - Ashley055

White Flag - TemperTemper

You'll Come Back When It's Over - _missmargaret_  *Note: Sequel to No Need To Say Goodbye

Works In Progress

A Lesson in Anthropology - RedRoses18  *Note: This story hasn't been updated in a while, so if you're looking for a story with quick updates, I would recommend not reading this yet.

Striped Socks and Deep Thinking - Cora Clavia

You're Lovely To Me - bertie456


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Yes, today is yet again Thursday, and  [profile] bertie456 and I are here to bring you a recommendation of something we've thoroughly enjoyed this week. It can be a book, story, fanfic, movie, tv show, quote, song, particular candle scent, whatever you want!

My rec's below the cut :) 

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