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So lately I've really been enjoying talking about and analyzing the tv shows I watch with other people, and [ profile] bright_lights28 and [ profile] nowheretogo26 have inspired me to try out doing a sort of weekly tv recap post of my own. For this week I think I'm just going to recap Glee, but in the future I might also do some thoughts on Castle and New Girl, and maybe others if I don't get too wordy (which is likely to happen, as you can see here LOL).

SPOILERS for Glee 3x03 under the cut. Also, I am rambly, sorry, so be ready for a tl;dr.

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Ahhhhh. All I have to say, is I just finished watching [info]nothing_b_bones's fabulous video of how the writers are butchering Brennan's character this season, and just UGH. WRITERS?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Oh how it's gone downhill so....  :'(

I miss my old Booth and Brennan. Will probably be off watching S1 tonight to fix that.

On a more positive note, lately I've been reading Patricia Cornwell's 'Kay Scarpetta' series, and am enjoying it immensely. I tore through the first book in one or two days near the beginning of April (sometime over my spring break), and have today just started the 4th one. I hadn't read a "real" book in a while and had forgotten just how amazing it can be to be stuck in a book :)
Anyone else reading/read something good lately?

***SPOILERS from last night's episode***

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Thoughts on this week's episode: 

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