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So...thoughts, anyone?

I think there's actually some potential here, thank goodness lol. My favorites were probably Tim, Jacob, Casey, Scotty, and Paul. Favorites favorites, if I only could chose two, I'd probably have to go with Jacob and Casey.

Who did you guys like the best?
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LOL omg I love reading Jim Cantiello's and Michael Slezak's (from MTV and EW, respectively) reviews on Idol episodes more than the actual episodes this year. I was just reading Jim's live-blog of the finale tonight (which I did not read, because, hello west coast being shown Idol later than east coast even though Idol is filmed on the west coast), and came across some funny funny stuff :)

A few fun points (out of many) from Jim's live-blogging:

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Glee tonight!!! AND Adam is a mentor on Idol!

I am super excited. I don't know that FOX could've planned this any better (for me, or them - Adam being on Idol will probably draw more viewers, both to Glee and Idol, plus Glee fans might just tune in early to catch Adam since it's right before Glee. Good pairing of shows, imo). 


So who's excited?

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Dear Fox/American Idol,

When you are trying to raise money for a charity, like the work you're doing with Idol Gives Back for Haiti this year, it would be helpful if you actually did what you said you're going to do. Telling me that I can go buy Kris Allen's version of Let It Be on iTunes to help support Haiti relief only works if you actually put it on iTunes. *gasp* What a concept.

So please, restore what little faith I have in you and fix this soon so that when you said it would be available to buy on the 26th (aka today), you weren't actually lying. Also, it kinda sucks that you're this unorganized when it's FOR CHARITY. Come on.

With exasperation,


P.S. If this ends up just being my iTunes being a fail, then I apologize and you do not suck. But until then, I say get it together, plz.

ETA: Thank you for finally fixing it. Since I only knew that it was up because I saw Kris's tweet, I am going to attribute it finally getting up to hiim ;)
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...aka Reason 3.

Okay, we are trying this again, because I had an awesome epic post halfway done for you last night and firefox/LJ ate it. BOO. :(

3. I have been sucked into a new fandom! It's epic love, people, seriously. And I have been gobbling up any fanfic I can find for it, so I've been doing mucho reading lately, so that's mainly where I've been. Let's see where my love for this fandom all started, shall we?

Oh, and a warning: If you RPF/RPS squicks you out, you may want to consider not clicking that link. Unless you want to just read the first half of my post about Adam Lambert and skip the rest...


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