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It's September again, and I decided this year that I really want to make a post about what I'm watching & what new shows I'm trying out this season. Here's a few I'm the most excited about:

Elementary - One of my favorite shows currently on air. Joan Watson is my queen, and I love the platonic soulmates relationship she has with Sherlock. Bless this show for giving me the only show I've seen that has their central m/f pairing as solely a friendship.

Supergirl - I'm so excited for this show to return! It was one of my favorite shows last year simply because of the girl power & feminism. It's cheesy fairly often but I don't even care, Kara is such a great character and I'm so happy she exists. I'm excited to see Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and see how Clark's relationship with Kara looks when he's a bigger part of the show.

Lucifer - This show was a surprise last season. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did, but it reached out and grabbed me. It's good fun, hilarious, has some interesting commentary on religion, and added another female character to my "awesome ladies" list (Chloe Decker!!!).

No Tomorrow, The Good Place - I am in desperate need of some comedies in my tv lineup, and since I have a lot of difficulty with secondhand embarrassment I have a lot of trouble finding a comedy that works for me. These two look promising though! And I am especially looking forward to TGP with Mike Schur at the helm, who I've heard nothing but good things about.

This Is Us, Pure Genius - I feel like these shows could be great, or they could be just okay. TIU has some actors that I'm excited about, and PG had a premise I really enjoyed in their first look trailer, so I'm hopeful.

Frequency - I was not expecting to add this show to my watch list at all, but the trailer totally won me over. Knowing the way time travel type things on tv go though, this could be an absolute mess lol.

Pitch - Possibly the new show I'm the most excited for! I can't wait to see Ginny Baker kick some baseball ass, and I'm very happy to see another awesome black female lead on a mainstream show.

My full schedule, with new shows in italics.

10PM - Elementary, Quantico

8PM - Supergirl
9PM - Lucifer
10PM - Scorpion, Timeless, Conviction

8PM - NCIS, The Flash
9PM - Bull, No Tomorrow, This Is Us

8PM - Blindspot
9PM - Frequency

8PM - Legends of Tomorrow, The Good Place
9PM - Pitch, Notorious (this is a maybe)
10PM - How To Get Away With Murder, Pure Genius

What shows are you all planning on watching, and which ones are you most excited about?
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