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So lately I've really been enjoying talking about and analyzing the tv shows I watch with other people, and [ profile] bright_lights28 and [ profile] nowheretogo26 have inspired me to try out doing a sort of weekly tv recap post of my own. For this week I think I'm just going to recap Glee, but in the future I might also do some thoughts on Castle and New Girl, and maybe others if I don't get too wordy (which is likely to happen, as you can see here LOL).

SPOILERS for Glee 3x03 under the cut. Also, I am rambly, sorry, so be ready for a tl;dr.

General, overall thoughts I really enjoyed this week's episode. I went into it with the expectation that it would be good, but not amazing, because with all the hype that was around this episode from tv reviewers and the cast I knew that if I got my hopes up too high that I probably wouldn't like it at all because it would never live up to my expectations. And in the end, it worked well for me. I really, really liked this episode, but I'm not going to say that I think it was the best episode of Glee ever (as some of the reviewers were saying). It was a solid episode, and in general I really like where they're taking this season so far.

I'll start off my recap with the main storyline of this episode -

Mercedes vs. Rachel - Quite honestly, I have somewhat mixed feelings about this. I will say that I am kind of annoyed that the writers are visiting this storyline, again. I mean, I understand that realistically you can't do the West Side Story plot arc without having some sort of conflict between Mercedes and Rachel in auditioning for the role of Maria, but the Mercedes vs. Rachel/diva-off storyline is one they've done over and over again already on Glee, in both season one and two. It's been an issue since the Pilot, and recently in season two we had Comeback (2x13; ie the "Take Me or Leave Me" duet), and Night of Neglect (2x17). Remember that scene in the car with Rachel and Mercedes after Mercedes was being a diva in NoN and refused to perform if she didn't get this or that provided to her? Very, very similar plot, in essence. So I kind of thought we had already dealt with the diva issues for the most part, and that Rachel and Mercedes were at least on fairly good terms if not friends.

Another thing that bothers me here is that I don't really know about Mercedes motivation for wanting this part so badly at all. The only reason we've seen so far is that she wants to have the spotlight. We know she's a senior, but we don't know what plans she has for college, or any hopes and dreams besides wanting to be like her idols - which really, doesn't actually tell us anything about what she wants for her future. Rachel, on the other hand, we have plenty of motives for. She wants the spotlight, she loves the play/the role/etc, and she wants to have something to put on her college application for NYADA.

I understand Mercedes feeling unappreciated and ignored in favor of Rachel, but I don't think she's going about things in the right way. And I'm sad that the writers have reduced Mercedes' character to basically two plotlines. When they said they were going to give us more of the other characters, this is not exactly what I wanted for her.

Will & Emma - I really, really enjoyed this part of the episode. I feel like Will is finally growing up - other than inviting Emma's parents over himself, which I thought was a bad idea when Shelby first told him to, I feel like he's really acting more like an adult this season (which, thank goodness). I am much less annoyed with him so far this season than I was last season, and I'm really glad the writers seem to be going this direction with his character. In terms of Emma - oh my god, Jayma Mays is amazing. In this episode she really stuck out as an under-appreciated actress on the show to me, and I really felt she portrayed Emma's struggle so well. It felt real, and my heart hurt for her, especially seeing how she had almost no support system from her parents at all. No wonder Emma's OCD is so bad and she didn't want to acknowledge that she had it with the way her parents treated her. I loved that Will stood up for Emma at the dinner with her parents, and the praying scene was so touching. The way Emma kisses Will's shoulder was, I felt, more intimate and sweet than if they had kissed on the lips. It speaks of true affection and intimacy, and I think Will and Emma could be really good for each other. I'm excited to see what the writers do with them now that I think they're together for the long term.

Mike - I love the realness that his storyline has. Being afraid of disappointing your parents, and that struggle between following your dreams and making them happy is a storyline that I can really connect with, and I think for high school kids in general it is really relate-able as well. I loved the scene with Mike and his mom dancing - I think it's one of the most organic, natural, sweet moments that the show has ever had, and it brought tears to my eyes. I really hope we see how the rest of Mike's storyline plays out with telling his dad, and I hope this means we'll see Mike do at least a few more songs this season (especially since he is a senior).

The Presidential Race - First off, I loved Brittany's "Run the World" so much. It was so much fun, and Heather Morris can dance like whoa. Also, her and a bit of Naya on the vocals is kind of addictive. I'd love to see them do (more) actual duets. Other than that, though, I have a few issues with the presidential storyline. I'm pretty sure that being president of your class in high school is mainly a popularity contest, and while I understand why Kurt and Rachel both want to run (and their motivations fit with their characters), I don't really understand why either of them think they're going to win. Brittany is much more popular than them, and since we've established on Glee that the glee kids are considered "losers" and are bullied, not to mention Kurt being bullied because he is gay, I don't really see how either Kurt or Rachel could win since the overall student body does not accept either of them. Brittany overcomes the "loser" thing with the students by being a Cheerio and being, well, a hot girl, as far as I can tell, and she was popular before she joined glee club. This is also why I don't understand why Kurt seems so quick to write her off as actual competition.

And while I think Kurt did have a valid point with the "If I win I could change things here for the better," I think that Rachel's proposal would probably work just as well, since as V.P. Kurt would likely still be able to change things, if not through his own VP powers, but through suggesting things to Rachel. (I know it's not quite the same, but still. Rachel wasn't trying to get him to drop out or anything, and seemed like she would be doing a "fair fight" in the campaigning, so there was no need to make it seem like she was betraying their friendship/etc.)

And briefly, the whole Second Glee Club thing they seem to be running with - Okay, this is another plotline that we've seen before. Can anyone say Throwdown (1x07, aka Sue becomes co-director and takes the minority kids to make a second glee club)? [I feel like there's another example of a similar situation as well, but I can't seem to remember specifics right now.] Also, I am wondering where in the world they are expecting to get more kids from to fill out this glee club, seeing as we've seen numerous times how hard it is for New Directions to gain members at this school - a la the beginning of seasons one, two, AND this season. Maybe they'll add more members to the cast (can anyone say Glee Project winners?) and have them join this second club, but who knows. If they don't, I don't see how they're going to be able to have any sort of actual plotline with Mercedes over there and thus it won't be any sort of competition for New Directions.

Anyways, I have other things I could comment upon but I feel like I've rambled on long enough. What did you guys think of the episode? Did you feel disappointed because of all the hype over the episode and then it didn't meet your expectations? Did the Mercedes storyline annoy you? Did you like finally getting to see Mike more heavily featured? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Date: 2011-10-09 09:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Fuuuuck, I need to watch this. ..Or any of my shows really.

Date: 2011-10-09 10:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOLOL, you need to catch up on your shows! I still need to watch this past week's NCIS, but I think I'm caught up with everything else. At least with Glee you've got a three week hiatus now, so you can catch up for the next episode on Nov. 1st!

LOLOLOLOL your icon, OMG. :D

Date: 2011-10-10 01:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
My icon is badass! :D

[omg, I'm two weeks late on NCIS.]

Date: 2011-10-10 01:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL it totally is! :D

[lol omg, well at least you've watched part of this season :p I was going to watch this past week's NCIS this weekend but I totally forgot, whoops. Maybe I'll watch it tonight/tomorrow!]

Date: 2011-10-11 02:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm finally back from my little weekend getaway, so I can actually comment on all of the posts I've missed! I'm so happy you're going to start doing TV recaps. I love talking about our shows together!

I agree with your general thoughts about this episode - it was really good but nowhere near the "OMGbestGleeEVER" that some critics were saying it would be. I really think going into each Glee episode with basically the lowest expectations possible has really helped my enjoyment of the show so far this season.

The Mercedes/Rachel storyline annoyed me in this episode for all of the reasons you stated. Also, it just feels so unbelievable that we're supposed to root for Mercedes in this situation (even though I really think the writers want us to). She doesn't work as hard as most Glee members, so why should I want her to get a part over Rachel, who works harder than anyone? Maybe that's my bias towards hard workers (and Rachel in general) coming through, but I can't bring myself to feel sympathy for someone who doesn't put 150% effort into getting what they want.

Also, when Mercedes said that no one wants to hurt Rachel's feelings - where has she been for three years? Besides Kurt, I can't think of a character who has been bullied more viciously than Rachel. And a lot of the horrible comments directed towards her come from Glee club members - and often without Mr. Schue sticking up for her. Sorry...I just have a lot of Rachel-related feelings. She's my favorite Glee character, and I'm very protective of her. lol

Finally, I would just like to say MIKE CHANG IS PERFECTION. That storyline was incredibly relatable. As someone whose father wanted her to be a doctor/lawyer when she wanted to be a dancer/writer, I got choked up during every one of his scenes. To see the way his face lit up when he told his mom that dancing made him feel special and when he found out that dance was her dream too, I have no words for how emotional that made me...Harry's acting was just so good in this episode. And I really hope he gets to sing more because he pulled off my second-favorite WSS song ("America" is my favorite) so well. <3

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